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Suggest to put figures under figures of characters.Summing up occupation.Praise children.OCCUPATION Occupation subject: we show the fairy tale Three Bears Preliminary work: prepare a mnemokarta fig.for telling of a plot of the fairy tale: cut pictures and stick together them in one tape one after another.Occupation purposes The educational to continue to cultivate ability to imitate; to coordinate the actions with actions of other children; ability to empathize heroes of the fairy tale, to share their feelings.

The child

You have no need to take any measures.The child becomes more senior, the less he sleeps.Usually the first period of wakefulness begins approximately at o'clock in the evening.Over time the child will be awake and in other time of day.Each child has the schedule of a dream.By the end of the first year of life he will sleep in the afternoon most likely only times.And between year and one and a half years it will pass to a disposable day dream.It is possible to be sure only of infancy that the child sleeps so much, how many wants.

When my child

When my child lies, I.When my child badly behaves at school, I.When my child refuses to eat, I.I had an unlucky day at work, and my child starts arguing with me, I.When my child fights, I.If suddenly my child steals something, I.If my boyfriend scratches the car, I.When my child comes home very late, I.If my child started using drugs, I.If my child writes off at examinations at school, I.Try to answer honestly these questions untied among themselves.

Having had heard

Sometimes second teeth grow curve or displaced, but over time they are a little leveled.However, in advance it is hard to say as far as they will improve.The dentist checking teeth of your child each months can appoint treatment.How to accustom the child to use a pot Readiness for it depends on age and on individual qualities of the child.Having had heard plenty of different people, you, perhaps, will consider that to accustom the child to use a pot a hard work.Actually everything is much more simply.

Also arrive

The same objects can be shown and on the picture in the book.When you give to the child of a toy, call them correctly: Take a doggie, take the machine.Also arrive if gather that that to take from the kid from hands, tell, for example, him: Give a ball.Prespeech development Loudly and accurately says syllables.Actively and independently repeats the same syllable, for example ma ma or oh oh.Then still any etc.Thus, murmurs much, as if stringing syllables one on another.

Some children

In years the child the difficult human being.He can sleep less, than the organism, because of excitement, concern and for other reasons demands him.Falling asleep.It is desirable to accustom the child to thought that at once after food he has to sleep.Some children like to play after food.I would advise to try to disaccustom them to this habit.Accustom the child to fall asleep in the bed without whose that there were presence, at least after months when gripes from gases cease to disturb him.

First of all parents

It is also right and in the spiritual plan.Parents have to participate in spiritual development of children actively.They are not able to afford to assign this major aspect of education by another, even to the excellent experts in this area training children at Sunday church schools.First of all parents have to train the child in everything that is connected with cultural wealth.They have to teach it not only to the spiritual facts, but also how to apply them in his everyday life.

It would

If you have only one thermometer, keep it in the child's bed the most part of time and only occasionally take out it for about minutes to check temperature in the room.It would be ideal if temperature in a bed of the child fluctuated within no more than °.For the child weighing less than , kg it is usually necessary to maintain temperature in a bed between and °.The child with a big weight will keep sufficient heat of a body at a temperature of °.The direction in hospital.Even, if you are in very remote place, you have to make every effort to place the child in good hospital where there is an equipment for care of premature children, especially, if its weight less than , kg.


The children belonging to two various categories sometimes have very serious friction.Sometimes they do not get on.And parents, because of insufficient understanding of the motives moving acts of children sometimes even one child treat better, than another.High and slender Denise was the student of medical school.She came to talk to me.Some time she sat nakhmuryas and uneasily fidgeting.Then suddenly quickly started talking: I have an anorexia and bulimia, doctor Campbell.

Whether you saw sometime

Dawdler.Whether you saw sometime as mother persuades, forces, abuses, warns the digging child: at first you will not rouse him in the morning in any way, then him force to wash, put on, have breakfast etc.The child was not born the dawdler.Such it was made gradually by constant potoraplivaniye: Quicker, eat up soup quicker, How many times you need to speak that you went to sleep.Parents easily fall into a habit all the time to adjust children and gradually in them unconsciously the obstinacy develops.

If you consider

First, parents can be mistaken.If you consider that should not change at any situation the disciplinary actions, so far as the decision is made, you are going to drive yourself into a corner.Of course, parents can change the mind and weaken or strengthen punishment.Do not consider that time the child is punished, it is impossible to change anything.Naturally, parents should not change too often the decisions so that threats did not look an idle talk and did not frighten the child.


Occupation purposes The educational to develop educational skills ability to listen to the end of the fairy tale up to the end; to hold the correct working pose at a table; to cultivate ability to imitate; to learn to coordinate the actions when carrying out a simple performance.The training to improve a small motility; to learn it is correctly to hold a pencil or a felttip pen, to use in the active speech pretexts in, under; to fix skills of global reading; to learn to help the adult to carry out a simple performance of the familiar fairy tale.

I very much

You know the child better than whoever that was.If many times the child with pleasure satisfied your request, and here suddenly he unexpectedly turned obstinate and refuses, very harmfully to become angry, and to punish him.Try to learn, in what business.Do not want?I surely would like.I very much would try to find out, in what business because it can appear extremely important.To achieve much more valuably that the child voluntary satisfied your request, than to force him and to force to do something before it becomes clear why he refuses.

Why this

Why this incident so deeply was engraved to it in the memory?After all happened that Thomas was punished earlier, and it did not injure so strongly his mentality, or perhaps even sometimes did well to him.Whether there was no it because he already felt repentance and worried because of the broken window?Perhaps he suffered already enough and it was not necessary to aggravate it with physical punishment?Whether flogging could convince finally Thomas, what parents do not understand him as person and do not sympathize with his sufferings?

Eh, the old woman, on a barn

Yes from what to bake?Torments is not present.Eh, the old woman, on a barn a dung, scrape a bottom of the barrel here and it will be gathered.The old woman and made: mashed, scraped up handfuls two flours, kneaded dough on sour cream, rolled Kolobok, fried him in oil and put on a window are simplenut.Bothered Kolobok to lie, he also swept from a window on a bench, from a bench on a floor yes to a door, pryg through a threshold in a shade, from an outer entrance hall on a porch, from a porch on the yard, and there and for gate, further and further.

Read also

Also pay attention to the Book of the prophet Isaiah :: Be not afraid, because I with you; be not confused, because I your God; I will strengthen you, both I will help you, and I will support you a right hand of my truth.Read also the Psalm :: That did not triumph it is necessary me conflicting against me injustly, and did not exchange winks eyes hating me innocently.HOPE OF THE CHRISTIAN The hope has to revive on our earth.It is necessary for our young people safely to meet the future full of instability.

Let the food

If proceeds so, his live, joyful curiosity to life will vanish; he as if thinks about himself: Life is a fight.These are people haunt me.I have to fight to protect myself.So, do not force your child is more, than he wants.Let the food remain for it pleasure and then he will feel that you his friend.It is very important for development of his confidence in the forces and cheerfulness which foundation is laid on the first year of life.Sosatelny instinct.

But such

Only everything together we will be able to solve this problem.Your family and anger It would be wonderful if the anger wave going from society stopped before our doors; if houses we did not face the same problems which each family member should face daily at work, at school and it is simple in the course of communication.But such will not occur for the reason that ourselves bear with ourselves anger and chagrin.We bring a stress, tension and fatigue to the house, and then we recoup on other family members.

You clearly

You did not break it on the younger brother or a dog, did not throw anything, did not connect the old, irrelevant facts.You clearly explained to me that you think of a specific problem, and it is very good.Or something similar.Now I am ready to help the teenager to rise by the following step of a scale of anger.Please, rumple that this process can drag on for years as the teenager can rise only by one division for once.I solved, on what level I want that he / she rose in the future, and asked the teenager about it, but not simply reported.

After all it thus

It is very important that parents understood that in such situations the child urinates in a bed not purposely.After all it thus sleeps tight.The urination often occurs when to the child dreams that he is in desperate, a stalemate and it has no opportunity to escape.If the child has a bed wetting as he misses the house or because of birthday of the brother or the sister, to it can dream that he got lost that he looks for mother who will care of it selflessly and without complaining as she did it once when it was absolutely small.

On the basis

REACTIONS TO AUTHORITY As you remember, in chapter we spoke about and protsentnik, and also about in what distinction in perception of authority at these two categories of people consists.On the basis of own supervision I came to conclusion that about two thirds of the population already by the most nature are focused against authority though it is absolutely not necessarily shown in behavior.However such ratio remains not everywhere.An exclusive example of a disproportion prison.There will be higher percent of people with antiauthoritative installations.

No doubt, these

Difficult age, difficult character, difficult teenager.No doubt, these cliches arose not incidentally, they reflect facts of life.The truth but not all.To take at least difficulties of age.We often do not wish to take into consideration at all that by then when our children reach difficult awkward age, and ourselves gradually enter very and very difficult period crisis of the middle of life.And it proceeds not less sharply and painfully, than teenage.Prerequisites of difficult character are set by our, parental problems, fears, heavy memoirs, complexes, at last.

Of course, that

I regularly met Glen, Peg and Andy, and gradually they began to understand that matter not only in having feelings, is necessary also to be able to show them.Of course, that the relations between Andy and his parents became others, time is necessary, but I trust in this family because they were not afraid to ask the help and really love each other.The missing generation I am the father and therefore I know how a lot of time leaves at us on performance of various duties and affairs.But I cannot call into question importance of time which we spend on communication with the children.


But would be a mistake to set limits normal and abnormal.Teenagers are disturbed by their sexuality, and they are subject to fear to become not such as all.Speak on this subject natural tone.As a rule, the father talks to the son, and mother to the daughter.But it is not obligatory.It is more convenient to talk to the child to the parent of an opposite sex.It is better not to do one solemn lecture of conversation, but to come back to this subject when there is a suitable situation.

Put it on a lower

Here also the shovel turned out!Exercise Shovel, is followed by work with a toy teaser.The Kid was tired, decided to have a rest.And the uvula was tired.Put it on a lower lip and blow on it that the uvula has a rest exercise Breeze.From a breeze to a uvula it became cold.Hide it for the lower teeth exercise The uvula sleeps.Well done!The kid got hungry.Let's treat him with tea.Let's pour water in a teapot: with with page.Teach the Kid to whistle as water from under the crane whistles statement of a sound with with the mechanical help.

, who it? , what

, who it?, what is it?, not to kill the speaking; to bring up merits of the personality selfconfidence, courage, ability to empathize.The training to expand the active dictionary of the child at the expense of adjectives long, fluffy, sharp; to promote the use of the acquired words in the independent speech; to learn to use in the speech nouns in accusative and genitive cases; to use in the active speech a pretext at.The developing to develop visual attention ability to consider illustrations, to recognize the represented heroes; to develop acoustical attention ability to listen attentively to the speech of the adult; to develop a visual memory training in global reading.


Suggest children to sit down about an izba screen for display of puppet theater.Joint telling of the fairy tale.Suggest children to remember and together to tell the fairy tale Cat, Rooster and Fox.Start telling the fairy tale, suggesting each child to continue by gesture your story.When retelling each child has to say offers.If the child is at a loss, suggest it to finish speaking cockerel remarks: The fox for a dark, for high mountains bears me!A cat brother, help out me!

The adopted

Until the child acquires this idea, he should remind more often, embracing him thus that now he will always be your child.He has to feel safe.The adopted child can feel secret fear that his adoptive parents will sometime refuse it the same as his real parents refused, or that they can refuse it if he behaves badly, or it is simple to change the mind.Adoptive parents have to remember always it and swear that they never under any pretext will not tell, will not even hint that such thought can come to their mind.

Scarlet fever

Today it is known that the child who got sick with scarlet fever, perhaps got an infection from the person sick with quinsy, or from the person carrier of streptococci.Scarlet fever it is necessary to start treating immediately and carefully.Modern means considerably reduce duration of an illness and reduce probability of complications.After scarlet fever there can be complications: diseases of ears, cervical glands and kidney lokhanok.Suspect that cooling promotes complications which can arise at any time, but is more often between the th and th day after establishment of normal temperature when the child looks quite healthy.


Ask to remember and tell about what was the bear.Clumsy, angry.Suggest boys to put on hats of bears and to show how the bear goes.Then suggest boys to show an angry bear to shift eyebrows, densely to squeeze lips, to make angry a look.Suggest girls to put on beautiful kerchiefs.Ask to show how Mashenka goes and jumps.Ask girls, what character Mashenka had cheerful, appeasable.Suggest girls to approach a mirror and to represent cheerful Mashenka lips in a smile, teeth are visible, eyes cheerful.

On a barn

Kolobok on the road, and towards to him a hare slides: Kolobok, Kolobok!I will eat you!No, you do not eat me, a braid, and listen better what I to you a song will accustom to drinking.The hare raised ears, and Kolobok started singing: I am a Kolobok, Kolobok!On a window stuzhen.On a barn metyon, I left the grandfather, On corn bins skrebyon, I left the grandmother, On sour cream meshen, From you, a hare, not cunning to leave.In an oven it is put off, Also Kolobok further only his hare swept and saw.

Food at the increased

Do not force the child is more, than he wants.If it is less, than usually, offer it drink between feedings.Let him drink everything that he wants.Some parents think that during cold it is necessary to drink much.Actually excessive consumption of liquid will bring no more benefit, than moderate.Food at the increased temperature.If the child has temperature ° or is higher at cold, flu, quinsy or other infectious disease, they usually almost lose appetite, especially to firm food.

Of course, it does

Now for it the husband and children in the forefront in hierarchy of values, and it led to amazing changes in psychological climate of a family.Both the husband and children changed the most surprising and positively.Of course, it does not mean that we have to neglect other aspects of life, but it is more reasonable to control constantly time which we spend on them, and not to allow less important values to figure prominently too in our life.Fleeting moments of swiftflowing life This real history the shrill illustration emphasizing the close attention to the child is how essential.

She did not see Susie

I cannot understand that happened to Michele, Ruth told the husband after all guests left.She did not see Susie four years and nevertheless turned round me all evening.And you asked her?the husband took an interest.Perhaps she wanted to talk to you.On the way home Susie told the mother: I so was sorry Michel today.It everything her guy.She saw it today, and he told her that meets other little girl.Michele so was upset.Ruth Dawson did not pay attention to signals which Michele gave it all evening.

And Kolobok

Kolobok on a footpath in the wood, and towards to it a gray wolf slides: Kolobok, Kolobok!I will eat you!You do not eat me, a gray wolf: I to you will sing a song.And Kolobok started singing: I am a Kolobok, Kolobok!On a window stuzhen.On a barn metyon, I left the grandfather, On corn bins skrebyon, I left the grandmother, On sour cream meshen, I from a hare left, In an oven it is put off, From you, a wolf, not cunning to leave.Kolobok further only his wolf swept and saw Kolobok on the wood slides, and the bear meets requirements of him, brushwood breaks, bushes to the earth bends.

Logopedist. Today


Therefore inexperienced parents sometimes fall into despair, having read about that huge work which they should do.It seems to them that the author costs on the party of children and accuses parents if something is not got on.But it would only be fair to allocate as much pages for needs of parents, failures which they constantly face, their fatigue, an emotional impoverishment from children which will so painfully wound parents.To grow up the child a long and hard work, and parents also have human wants, as well as at their children.

Here as if everything

The child who suffers because that impose him others choice.In arshin the general.When we speak the difficult child, the child with problems, we ordinary mean not only difficult, difficult character and unbalance, but also unimportant abilities, rough achievements in school, and even at all poor progress.Here as if everything is clear: school troubles of such child are represented almost natural.The incapable child is really difficult; however not less difficulties arise and with children capable, child prodigies.

On the basis

She has to be able to cope with it, without resorting to tiresome morals and punishments.In other words, she has to live with it in peace and friendship.For preliminary negotiations with future nurse it is useful to take with itself the child.On the basis of her behavior it will be easier for you to judge its valid attitude towards children, than from her words.Avoid people angry, quarrelsome, fussing, deprived of sense of humour or fond of theories.Usually parents first of all look for the person with experience.

The care

Most of parents needs the help.The care of the child with a physical defect usually demands additional work and tension.To arrange his life in the best way, the true wisdom is necessary.But experiences and a lack of experience very much disturb you.From this it follows that you, the child's parents with a physical defect, need council and the help and, certainly, can count on it.I mean not only a doctor's advice.You need to discuss with someone, properly to treat the child, to resolve the problems arising for other family members, all pros and cons of definition of the child in local or any other school, your experiences and despair.

But the child

Certainly, in relation to the child with a physical defect keenness is necessary.Never it is necessary to expect performance of work which does not correspond to its intellectual development from intellectually defective child, and the child with badly operating hands should not be criticized for bad handwriting.But the child with a physical defect can and has to be polite reasonably, exist in accordance with general practice with others, perform feasible housework.Any person will be happier and more pleasant in the address if he knows that from it wait for attention and keenness.

Two areas

Though Marge and Jane already stepped over this line, but during the long period of consultation I managed to help them to overcome the passive and aggressive behavior.However if not to stop this behavior in time and the person will enter with it adult life, most often it can become a source of infinite chagrin and pains for other people.Two areas which are exposed to destructive influence of such behavior are work and marriage.Employees with negative attitude to authorities will manage to hide probably it within onetwo years as first they have no occasion to be angry on the new employer.

Suggest to play

Development of visual attention and thinking.Take images of heroes of the fairy tale and show them to children.Suggest to choose on one pleasant character, to lead round him a forefinger of the leading hand on a contour we lead round a figure from left to right.Ask each child to call the hero whom it led round on a contour.Suggest to play Ugadalki.Ask children to close eyes.At this time lead round one of heroes on a contour chalk.Suggest children to open eyes, attentively to look at the contour represented on a board and to call the hero which contour is represented.

We, parents, want

Parents should be able to be guided in features of interaction of people in church.It is very important for them and their children.We, parents, want that experience of stay of children in church became for them positive that thanks to it they came nearer to God and to such life which God wants for us.We want that in life they sought to give more, than to take.LET'S TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE Earlier we left our protsentnik.Now we want to return again to them because they are necessary to us.As you remember, they indirectly go against authority.

The most

You are angry with it?Well, she worries, I feel very sorry for her.And after all matter only in my age.Be to me at least seventeen, all would only rejoice: he is very good guy.And it is pleasant to mother she spoke to me.Yes, it is valid, the parents of a collision connected with sexual life of teenagers most sharply worry.The most reasonable and balanced people lose the head at emergence of the slightest problem in this sphere.The colleague, the father of hotly beloved fourteenyearold daughter, came running to me in a full panic: the girl fell in love, because of the novel threw school, and now at it also a delay.

Give it the chance

.Besides, show to the child as it is possible to remove rings from a core of a pyramid and again to put on them.Give it the chance to execute this exercise so many time, how many the kid will want.It is not necessary to demand at this stage that it collected a pyramid correctly.The main thing in this occupation to fulfill skill of putting on of a ring on a core.In months the child surely removes rings of a pyramid and can put on rings some children and bigger quantity without their size.

Such patience

You not always manage to prevent a hysteria attack.Such patience and a step were simply unnatural.When the hysterics is discharged, try not to pay to it attention and help the child to overcome it.Certainly, it is impossible to concede to the child because then he will suit purposely hysterics, wishing to achieve the.Do not argue with it because in such state he will not understand that it was wrong.If you become angry, will force it to continue a hysterics.

About what

In the presence of time it is possible to play with the child: potormoshit at first one of the suspended toys for attraction of its attention, and then pull another.The toy is hung out in the direction of a look of the child lying on a back usually over the level of his breast.About what distance to a toy has to be, opinions are various.One scientists consider that the small child cannot consider the subjects which are further cm from his eyes, others that such short distance promotes further development of shortsightedness.

If you caught

If you caught yourself that you avoid the friend only because is unexpected it became difficult to deal with him, reflect that happens to him.Your friend was aggressive and unaccomodating earlier?He was rude to parents, teachers, friends earlier?Unless usually, when something becomes against his will, to it on the evil, he is rude?You can imagine, why your friend stays in such irritation?If answers to all these questions are negative, so he got to trouble, thinks of a suicide, waits for the help.

That was in the beginning

To it it is boring and lonely when it is left one, and he cries that to it came.That was in the beginning for mother one pleasure, becomes a heavy burden now.About parents who easily concede.If mother always with readiness takes the child on hands as soon as he begins to cry, month through two he can ask on hands almost all the time, yet does not sleep.If mother still concedes, after a while the child will understand that his poor exhausted mother at him under a heel and will tyrannize her, demanding that it was carried constantly on hands.

Avoid further

One of vertebras can burst when the child falls on buttocks.Thus it is notice