One of signals

One of signals Other problem which all of us to a thicket and more often face is mental disorders or violations in the field of management of thinking.

One more problem demanding professional intervention is neurologic frustration and, as their consequence, inadequacy of emotional reactions.

Any doctor has to know about possible behavioural frustration.

One of signals of such frustration inability of the teenager it is correct to cope with anger.

Besides, the behavior of the teenager is difficult to be operated because of problems in a family or relationship with people around.

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But, as I was a meek

But, as I was a meek Oh, of course, I, as well as everything, contributed the share in creation of the noisy atmosphere in the house and together with all participated in disputes.

But, as I was a meek creature, I very much wanted that and round me everything was quiet and peaceful.

Eternally tried to watch the debates and disputes inflaming in our big family came to an end peacefully.

If quarrel became ripe, I was right there ready to give up on the opinion and to tell the first: Oh, we will forget about it.

It is my mistake.

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