Give it the chance

Give it the chance .

Besides, show to the child as it is possible to remove rings from a core of a pyramid and again to put on them.

Give it the chance to execute this exercise so many time, how many the kid will want.

It is not necessary to demand at this stage that it collected a pyramid correctly.

The main thing in this occupation to fulfill skill of putting on of a ring on a core.

In months the child surely removes rings of a pyramid and can put on rings some children and bigger quantity without their size.

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Such patience

Such patience You not always manage to prevent a hysteria attack.

Such patience and a step were simply unnatural.

When the hysterics is discharged, try not to pay to it attention and help the child to overcome it.

Certainly, it is impossible to concede to the child because then he will suit purposely hysterics, wishing to achieve the.

Do not argue with it because in such state he will not understand that it was wrong.

If you become angry, will force it to continue a hysterics.

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About what

About what In the presence of time it is possible to play with the child: potormoshit at first one of the suspended toys for attraction of its attention, and then pull another.

The toy is hung out in the direction of a look of the child lying on a back usually over the level of his breast.

About what distance to a toy has to be, opinions are various.

One scientists consider that the small child cannot consider the subjects which are further cm from his eyes, others that such short distance promotes further development of shortsightedness.

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If you caught

If you caught If you caught yourself that you avoid the friend only because is unexpected it became difficult to deal with him, reflect that happens to him.

Your friend was aggressive and unaccomodating earlier?

He was rude to parents, teachers, friends earlier?

Unless usually, when something becomes against his will, to it on the evil, he is rude?

You can imagine, why your friend stays in such irritation?

If answers to all these questions are negative, so he got to trouble, thinks of a suicide, waits for the help.

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That was in the beginning

That was in the beginning To it it is boring and lonely when it is left one, and he cries that to it came.

That was in the beginning for mother one pleasure, becomes a heavy burden now.

About parents who easily concede.

If mother always with readiness takes the child on hands as soon as he begins to cry, month through two he can ask on hands almost all the time, yet does not sleep.

If mother still concedes, after a while the child will understand that his poor exhausted mother at him under a heel and will tyrannize her, demanding that it was carried constantly on hands.

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