But the child

But the child Certainly, in relation to the child with a physical defect keenness is necessary.

Never it is necessary to expect performance of work which does not correspond to its intellectual development from intellectually defective child, and the child with badly operating hands should not be criticized for bad handwriting.

But the child with a physical defect can and has to be polite reasonably, exist in accordance with general practice with others, perform feasible housework.

Any person will be happier and more pleasant in the address if he knows that from it wait for attention and keenness.

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Two areas

Two areas Though Marge and Jane already stepped over this line, but during the long period of consultation I managed to help them to overcome the passive and aggressive behavior.

However if not to stop this behavior in time and the person will enter with it adult life, most often it can become a source of infinite chagrin and pains for other people.

Two areas which are exposed to destructive influence of such behavior are work and marriage.

Employees with negative attitude to authorities will manage to hide probably it within onetwo years as first they have no occasion to be angry on the new employer.

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Suggest to play

Suggest to play Development of visual attention and thinking.

Take images of heroes of the fairy tale and show them to children.

Suggest to choose on one pleasant character, to lead round him a forefinger of the leading hand on a contour we lead round a figure from left to right.

Ask each child to call the hero whom it led round on a contour.

Suggest to play Ugadalki.

Ask children to close eyes.

At this time lead round one of heroes on a contour chalk.

Suggest children to open eyes, attentively to look at the contour represented on a board and to call the hero which contour is represented.

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We, parents, want

We, parents, want Parents should be able to be guided in features of interaction of people in church.

It is very important for them and their children.

We, parents, want that experience of stay of children in church became for them positive that thanks to it they came nearer to God and to such life which God wants for us.

We want that in life they sought to give more, than to take.

LET'S TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE Earlier we left our protsentnik.

Now we want to return again to them because they are necessary to us.

As you remember, they indirectly go against authority.

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The most

The most You are angry with it?

Well, she worries, I feel very sorry for her.

And after all matter only in my age.

Be to me at least seventeen, all would only rejoice: he is very good guy.

And it is pleasant to mother she spoke to me.

Yes, it is valid, the parents of a collision connected with sexual life of teenagers most sharply worry.

The most reasonable and balanced people lose the head at emergence of the slightest problem in this sphere.

The colleague, the father of hotly beloved fourteenyearold daughter, came running to me in a full panic: the girl fell in love, because of the novel threw school, and now at it also a delay.

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