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Today I want to acquaint you with a little puppy.

He learns to growl.

You too learn to say correctly a sound r.

Means, you will be able to help each other!

For a start it is necessary to knead and prepare a uvula well.

Show to a puppy, what exercises for this purpose it is necessary vyk to make look fat.

The child carries out articulation gymnastics according to the pictures designating names of exercises for a uvula: Cup, Turkeycock, Horse, Drum and for an air stream: Sail, Bug.

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Therefore Therefore inexperienced parents sometimes fall into despair, having read about that huge work which they should do.

It seems to them that the author costs on the party of children and accuses parents if something is not got on.

But it would only be fair to allocate as much pages for needs of parents, failures which they constantly face, their fatigue, an emotional impoverishment from children which will so painfully wound parents.

To grow up the child a long and hard work, and parents also have human wants, as well as at their children.

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Here as if everything

Here as if everything The child who suffers because that impose him others choice.

In arshin the general.

When we speak the difficult child, the child with problems, we ordinary mean not only difficult, difficult character and unbalance, but also unimportant abilities, rough achievements in school, and even at all poor progress.

Here as if everything is clear: school troubles of such child are represented almost natural.

The incapable child is really difficult; however not less difficulties arise and with children capable, child prodigies.

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On the basis

On the basis She has to be able to cope with it, without resorting to tiresome morals and punishments.

In other words, she has to live with it in peace and friendship.

For preliminary negotiations with future nurse it is useful to take with itself the child.

On the basis of her behavior it will be easier for you to judge its valid attitude towards children, than from her words.

Avoid people angry, quarrelsome, fussing, deprived of sense of humour or fond of theories.

Usually parents first of all look for the person with experience.

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The care

The care Most of parents needs the help.

The care of the child with a physical defect usually demands additional work and tension.

To arrange his life in the best way, the true wisdom is necessary.

But experiences and a lack of experience very much disturb you.

From this it follows that you, the child's parents with a physical defect, need council and the help and, certainly, can count on it.

I mean not only a doctor's advice.

You need to discuss with someone, properly to treat the child, to resolve the problems arising for other family members, all pros and cons of definition of the child in local or any other school, your experiences and despair.

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