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, who it? , what

, who it? , what, who it?

, what is it?

, not to kill the speaking; to bring up merits of the personality selfconfidence, courage, ability to empathize.

The training to expand the active dictionary of the child at the expense of adjectives long, fluffy, sharp; to promote the use of the acquired words in the independent speech; to learn to use in the speech nouns in accusative and genitive cases; to use in the active speech a pretext at.

The developing to develop visual attention ability to consider illustrations, to recognize the represented heroes; to develop acoustical attention ability to listen attentively to the speech of the adult; to develop a visual memory training in global reading.

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Suggest Suggest children to sit down about an izba screen for display of puppet theater.

Joint telling of the fairy tale.

Suggest children to remember and together to tell the fairy tale Cat, Rooster and Fox.

Start telling the fairy tale, suggesting each child to continue by gesture your story.

When retelling each child has to say offers.

If the child is at a loss, suggest it to finish speaking cockerel remarks: The fox for a dark, for high mountains bears me!

A cat brother, help out me!

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The adopted

The adopted Until the child acquires this idea, he should remind more often, embracing him thus that now he will always be your child.

He has to feel safe.

The adopted child can feel secret fear that his adoptive parents will sometime refuse it the same as his real parents refused, or that they can refuse it if he behaves badly, or it is simple to change the mind.

Adoptive parents have to remember always it and swear that they never under any pretext will not tell, will not even hint that such thought can come to their mind.

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Scarlet fever

Scarlet fever Today it is known that the child who got sick with scarlet fever, perhaps got an infection from the person sick with quinsy, or from the person carrier of streptococci.

Scarlet fever it is necessary to start treating immediately and carefully.

Modern means considerably reduce duration of an illness and reduce probability of complications.

After scarlet fever there can be complications: diseases of ears, cervical glands and kidney lokhanok.

Suspect that cooling promotes complications which can arise at any time, but is more often between the th and th day after establishment of normal temperature when the child looks quite healthy.

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Suggest Ask to remember and tell about what was the bear.

Clumsy, angry.

Suggest boys to put on hats of bears and to show how the bear goes.

Then suggest boys to show an angry bear to shift eyebrows, densely to squeeze lips, to make angry a look.

Suggest girls to put on beautiful kerchiefs.

Ask to show how Mashenka goes and jumps.

Ask girls, what character Mashenka had cheerful, appeasable.

Suggest girls to approach a mirror and to represent cheerful Mashenka lips in a smile, teeth are visible, eyes cheerful.

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