On the basis

On the basis REACTIONS TO AUTHORITY As you remember, in chapter we spoke about and protsentnik, and also about in what distinction in perception of authority at these two categories of people consists.

On the basis of own supervision I came to conclusion that about two thirds of the population already by the most nature are focused against authority though it is absolutely not necessarily shown in behavior.

However such ratio remains not everywhere.

An exclusive example of a disproportion prison.

There will be higher percent of people with antiauthoritative installations.

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No doubt, these

No doubt, these Difficult age, difficult character, difficult teenager.

No doubt, these cliches arose not incidentally, they reflect facts of life.

The truth but not all.

To take at least difficulties of age.

We often do not wish to take into consideration at all that by then when our children reach difficult awkward age, and ourselves gradually enter very and very difficult period crisis of the middle of life.

And it proceeds not less sharply and painfully, than teenage.

Prerequisites of difficult character are set by our, parental problems, fears, heavy memoirs, complexes, at last.

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Of course, that

Of course, that I regularly met Glen, Peg and Andy, and gradually they began to understand that matter not only in having feelings, is necessary also to be able to show them.

Of course, that the relations between Andy and his parents became others, time is necessary, but I trust in this family because they were not afraid to ask the help and really love each other.

The missing generation I am the father and therefore I know how a lot of time leaves at us on performance of various duties and affairs.

But I cannot call into question importance of time which we spend on communication with the children.

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Teenagers But would be a mistake to set limits normal and abnormal.

Teenagers are disturbed by their sexuality, and they are subject to fear to become not such as all.

Speak on this subject natural tone.

As a rule, the father talks to the son, and mother to the daughter.

But it is not obligatory.

It is more convenient to talk to the child to the parent of an opposite sex.

It is better not to do one solemn lecture of conversation, but to come back to this subject when there is a suitable situation.

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Put it on a lower

Put it on a lower Here also the shovel turned out!

Exercise Shovel, is followed by work with a toy teaser.

The Kid was tired, decided to have a rest.

And the uvula was tired.

Put it on a lower lip and blow on it that the uvula has a rest exercise Breeze.

From a breeze to a uvula it became cold.

Hide it for the lower teeth exercise The uvula sleeps.

Well done!

The kid got hungry.

Let's treat him with tea.

Let's pour water in a teapot: with with page.

Teach the Kid to whistle as water from under the crane whistles statement of a sound with with the mechanical help.

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