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Read also Also pay attention to the Book of the prophet Isaiah :: Be not afraid, because I with you; be not confused, because I your God; I will strengthen you, both I will help you, and I will support you a right hand of my truth.

Read also the Psalm :: That did not triumph it is necessary me conflicting against me injustly, and did not exchange winks eyes hating me innocently.

HOPE OF THE CHRISTIAN The hope has to revive on our earth.

It is necessary for our young people safely to meet the future full of instability.

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Let the food

Let the food If proceeds so, his live, joyful curiosity to life will vanish; he as if thinks about himself: Life is a fight.

These are people haunt me.

I have to fight to protect myself.

So, do not force your child is more, than he wants.

Let the food remain for it pleasure and then he will feel that you his friend.

It is very important for development of his confidence in the forces and cheerfulness which foundation is laid on the first year of life.

Sosatelny instinct.

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But such

But such Only everything together we will be able to solve this problem.

Your family and anger It would be wonderful if the anger wave going from society stopped before our doors; if houses we did not face the same problems which each family member should face daily at work, at school and it is simple in the course of communication.

But such will not occur for the reason that ourselves bear with ourselves anger and chagrin.

We bring a stress, tension and fatigue to the house, and then we recoup on other family members.

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You clearly

You clearly You did not break it on the younger brother or a dog, did not throw anything, did not connect the old, irrelevant facts.

You clearly explained to me that you think of a specific problem, and it is very good.

Or something similar.

Now I am ready to help the teenager to rise by the following step of a scale of anger.

Please, rumple that this process can drag on for years as the teenager can rise only by one division for once.

I solved, on what level I want that he / she rose in the future, and asked the teenager about it, but not simply reported.

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After all it thus

After all it thus It is very important that parents understood that in such situations the child urinates in a bed not purposely.

After all it thus sleeps tight.

The urination often occurs when to the child dreams that he is in desperate, a stalemate and it has no opportunity to escape.

If the child has a bed wetting as he misses the house or because of birthday of the brother or the sister, to it can dream that he got lost that he looks for mother who will care of it selflessly and without complaining as she did it once when it was absolutely small.

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