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If you consider

If you consider First, parents can be mistaken.

If you consider that should not change at any situation the disciplinary actions, so far as the decision is made, you are going to drive yourself into a corner.

Of course, parents can change the mind and weaken or strengthen punishment.

Do not consider that time the child is punished, it is impossible to change anything.

Naturally, parents should not change too often the decisions so that threats did not look an idle talk and did not frighten the child.

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Occupation Occupation purposes The educational to develop educational skills ability to listen to the end of the fairy tale up to the end; to hold the correct working pose at a table; to cultivate ability to imitate; to learn to coordinate the actions when carrying out a simple performance.

The training to improve a small motility; to learn it is correctly to hold a pencil or a felttip pen, to use in the active speech pretexts in, under; to fix skills of global reading; to learn to help the adult to carry out a simple performance of the familiar fairy tale.

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I very much

I very much You know the child better than whoever that was.

If many times the child with pleasure satisfied your request, and here suddenly he unexpectedly turned obstinate and refuses, very harmfully to become angry, and to punish him.

Try to learn, in what business.

Do not want?

I surely would like.

I very much would try to find out, in what business because it can appear extremely important.

To achieve much more valuably that the child voluntary satisfied your request, than to force him and to force to do something before it becomes clear why he refuses.

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Why this

Why this Why this incident so deeply was engraved to it in the memory?

After all happened that Thomas was punished earlier, and it did not injure so strongly his mentality, or perhaps even sometimes did well to him.

Whether there was no it because he already felt repentance and worried because of the broken window?

Perhaps he suffered already enough and it was not necessary to aggravate it with physical punishment?

Whether flogging could convince finally Thomas, what parents do not understand him as person and do not sympathize with his sufferings?

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Eh, the old woman, on a barn

Eh, the old woman, on a barn Yes from what to bake?

Torments is not present.

Eh, the old woman, on a barn a dung, scrape a bottom of the barrel here and it will be gathered.

The old woman and made: mashed, scraped up handfuls two flours, kneaded dough on sour cream, rolled Kolobok, fried him in oil and put on a window are simplenut.

Bothered Kolobok to lie, he also swept from a window on a bench, from a bench on a floor yes to a door, pryg through a threshold in a shade, from an outer entrance hall on a porch, from a porch on the yard, and there and for gate, further and further.

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