Suggest Big red cup.

Finish the phrase.

Suggest children to finish the phrase begun with you and to show those heroes of the fairy tale about whom in it it is told.

If children are at a loss in performance of a task, finish the phrase and suggest children to repeat all phrase once again it is interfaced.

Summing up occupation.

Positively estimate work of children, praise each child.

OCCUPATION Occupation subject: we tell the fairy tale Three Bears Occupation purposes The educational to continue to develop educational skills; ability to listen to the story of contemporaries; not to kill the speaking; to answer questions of the adult in the text of the fairy tale.

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Surely positively

Surely positively Summing up occupation.

Surely positively estimate work of the child, praise him.

ZANYATIE Occupation subject: we tell the fairy tale Kolobok Preliminary work: paste to color subject pictures with the image of characters of the fairy tale see an insert, fig.

, , , , stickers with a sticky layer; cut out cards for global reading see the Appendix and paste them on a cardboard or dense paper.

Occupation purposes The educational to develop educational skills: to answer questions where it?

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  • Suggest
  • About what
  • Read also
  • We, parents, want
  • Having had heard
  • Also arrive
  • Here as if everything
  • Suggest
  • She did not see Susie
  • Of course, it does