The service

The service But when these people proclaim themselves the only conductors of truth, start representing serious danger both to the followers, and to church.

The service movable by sociopathic motivations, especially aspiration to get the power, truly is the house without the basis.

Why they call Christ Lord if the basis on which they build, is their own selfeminence?

And nevertheless they are so skillful, and some Christians are so naive, what even after the truth revealed, these leaders again control people.

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The more

The more Among such children condemned for various crimes is , times more, than healthy contemporaries.

Children with deviations, as a rule, stay in a depression.

The depression is what we least of all wish to our children and teenagers.

The more strongly the child is oppressed, the more he becomes angry and irritated.

The depression leads to anger.

And the behavior of the angry children, as a rule, has passive and aggressive character.

If the child owing to the deviations is oppressed and adjusted passive aggressively, in addition behaves negatively for other, external reasons, his depression will be twice deep, and behavior especially passive and aggressive.

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Usually till

Usually till Pour juice in a small bottle through a strainer that large particles did not litter an opening in a nipple.

Usually till months children drink juice from a pacifier, and then from a cup.

Many mothers prefer to give juice before bathing as at this time the child usually does not sleep before the following feeding.

You can give juice slightly warmed up but we do not heat not to destroy vitamin C or room temperature.

Most of children love orange juice and well it acquire.

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In months

In months Usually evening feeding is cancelled between the rd and th month.

But if your child sucks a finger, wait till th or th month.

Most of children refuse evening feeding as soon as they are ready to it.

But there are children who are ready to keep it indefinitely, especially, if mother hurries to feed the child as soon as he gives a vote.

In months he already, certainly, does not need to be fed in the evening if it well is in the afternoon and normally puts on weight.

Do not approach it when he wakes up in the evening.

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It will show

It will show Of course, no!

If Jim the mature person, it tries to win Klara's heart very much.

It will show all the advantages, to show restraint, goodwill and sensitivity, to pay all attention and the help.

If it is not confident in her love, he will not hide for unripe infantile behavior more likely it will make everything that in its forces to achieve favor of the girl, to prove the man, worthy her choice.

It is a rational way of fight for love of the adult.

But, my friends, children behave absolutely not so!

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