So, please, it is not necessary

So, please, it is not necessary The extrovert's attitude towards authority can be both positive, and negative.

The same concerns and to the introvert.

In both groups we meet various types of people.

So, please, it is not necessary to paste on these two categories of people of a label intuitive, sanguine, choleric, obsessed with obsessions or any others.

How the person reacts to the phenomena of this life, depends on a position which he takes in relation to authority.

And this position is defined by congenital tendency.

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In each unsuccessful

In each unsuccessful In each unsuccessful marriage these two major prerequisites in a varying degree were not observed.

Friends fathers, remember that an initiative for us!

But how, you ask me, the husband can take the lead in manifestation of love to a family when for it informative approach is generally characteristic and it extremely clumsily expresses the feelings, and the sphere of emotions is much more habitual for his wife?

My friend, you just hit exactly and got into a core of the most frequent, unrecognized and heavy complication in modern marriage.

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Suggest , , , ; images of trees see fig.

; goat hat; individual mirrors for each child; big mirror; the picture Trees and leaflets see fig.

; cards for global reading in duplicate with words: goat, kid, appletree, oak, aspen, dogrose, birch; colored pencils.

¦ Occupation course Organizational moment.

Suggest children to go to travel on the wood on horses.

Ask children horses to go gallop, clinking hooves.

Stop about the trees which are found on the way.

Suggest children them to call.

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They simply

They simply They do not use current situation that with love to teach the child to the correct behavior.

They simply splash out on it the hostility generated by other reasons.

Here everything depends on that, how firmly you will acquire that children are not able to transfer parental anger.

They have against it no protection.

Any anger does them harm.

But when rage falls upon them which reason not they are, it can become really pernicious.

To us, parents, first of all it is necessary to learn to control itself, and a consequence of it ability will positively control behavior of our children.

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Correctly Is guided in seven flowers, including knows black and white colors.

Selects them for a sample or at the request of the adult: Give me a red cube, give me a black cube.

On a question What color a cube?

correctly calls colors.

At the correct education observes elementary requirements of behavior in society, on the street.

Speech Tells the age, the name, a surname and the address.

Correctly calls time of day morning, evening.

It is possible to teach to call adults on a name and a middle name.

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