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Avoid further

Avoid further One of vertebras can burst when the child falls on buttocks.

Thus it is noticeable outside of nothing, but the child complains of a back pain when he bends forward, runs or jumps.

Generally speaking, it is necessary to suspect a change if an extremity pain does not pass if there is a tumor or blackblue spots.

Avoid further damage of a place of the suspect of a change.

Do not move the injured extremity and do not allow it to the child.

It is best of all to leave the child where he is if there is an opportunity quickly to bring the doctor.

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It is possible

It is possible.

Draws the little man from two parts.

Most of children at this age will draw the little man already from three parts a trunk, the head, feet.

Paints over drawings, molds from plasticine.

The understanding of quantitative ratios improves.

Idea of number extends shows and speaks: one is, not enough, much.

It is possible to teach the child to count up to four.

If to put cubes before the child and to ask: Count, how many before you cubes, that will count them correctly and without helps.

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For example, to wave

For example, to wave Also harmfully and for activity of the child, and for his healthy sleep stay during wakefulness in sleeping clothes, especially in a bed.

It is necessary to divide a situation of a dream and active wakefulness.

Understanding of the speech.

If you trained the child see the stage months, he already mastered the learned movements.

For example, to wave with the handle goodbye, to give the handle hi or game like ladushka of ladushka.

The child already has to understand value of these your words.

Therefore for performance of well learned movement has to be rather verbal expression of your request, without your help in the form of gestures.

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Resorting The child can also give a task to execute any additional obligation for the house, having shown thereby that his bad behavior does not remain without consequences.

Resorting to this method, surely make sure that complexity of household chores, the quantity and time spent for their performance correspond to opportunities of the child and weight of his fault.

MODIFICATION OF BEHAVIOUR Methods of modification of behavior take the place in education of children.

However it is wrong to apply them as the main way of impact on the child.

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Psychologists Why there can be such different children from one family or growing in very similar conditions.

Psychologists Chess and Thomas convincingly showed that what the child will grow up, is defined not only a house situation, but also and his own personal characteristics.

These researches led to amazing results as to some extent facilitated unfair charges against the parents raising difficult children.

Unfortunately, for many including professionals the unfortunate habit to consider is characteristic that only parents are completely guilty in all that concerns their child.

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