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Some children

Some children In years the child the difficult human being.

He can sleep less, than the organism, because of excitement, concern and for other reasons demands him.

Falling asleep.

It is desirable to accustom the child to thought that at once after food he has to sleep.

Some children like to play after food.

I would advise to try to disaccustom them to this habit.

Accustom the child to fall asleep in the bed without whose that there were presence, at least after months when gripes from gases cease to disturb him.

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First of all parents

First of all parents It is also right and in the spiritual plan.

Parents have to participate in spiritual development of children actively.

They are not able to afford to assign this major aspect of education by another, even to the excellent experts in this area training children at Sunday church schools.

First of all parents have to train the child in everything that is connected with cultural wealth.

They have to teach it not only to the spiritual facts, but also how to apply them in his everyday life.

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It would

It would If you have only one thermometer, keep it in the child's bed the most part of time and only occasionally take out it for about minutes to check temperature in the room.

It would be ideal if temperature in a bed of the child fluctuated within no more than °.

For the child weighing less than , kg it is usually necessary to maintain temperature in a bed between and °.

The child with a big weight will keep sufficient heat of a body at a temperature of °.

The direction in hospital.

Even, if you are in very remote place, you have to make every effort to place the child in good hospital where there is an equipment for care of premature children, especially, if its weight less than , kg.

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Sometimes The children belonging to two various categories sometimes have very serious friction.

Sometimes they do not get on.

And parents, because of insufficient understanding of the motives moving acts of children sometimes even one child treat better, than another.

High and slender Denise was the student of medical school.

She came to talk to me.

Some time she sat nakhmuryas and uneasily fidgeting.

Then suddenly quickly started talking: I have an anorexia and bulimia, doctor Campbell.

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Whether you saw sometime

Whether you saw sometime Dawdler.

Whether you saw sometime as mother persuades, forces, abuses, warns the digging child: at first you will not rouse him in the morning in any way, then him force to wash, put on, have breakfast etc.

The child was not born the dawdler.

Such it was made gradually by constant potoraplivaniye: Quicker, eat up soup quicker, How many times you need to speak that you went to sleep.

Parents easily fall into a habit all the time to adjust children and gradually in them unconsciously the obstinacy develops.

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