OCCUPATION Suggest to put figures under figures of characters.

Summing up occupation.

Praise children.

OCCUPATION Occupation subject: we show the fairy tale Three Bears Preliminary work: prepare a mnemokarta fig.

for telling of a plot of the fairy tale: cut pictures and stick together them in one tape one after another.

Occupation purposes The educational to continue to cultivate ability to imitate; to coordinate the actions with actions of other children; ability to empathize heroes of the fairy tale, to share their feelings.

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The child

The child You have no need to take any measures.

The child becomes more senior, the less he sleeps.

Usually the first period of wakefulness begins approximately at o'clock in the evening.

Over time the child will be awake and in other time of day.

Each child has the schedule of a dream.

By the end of the first year of life he will sleep in the afternoon most likely only times.

And between year and one and a half years it will pass to a disposable day dream.

It is possible to be sure only of infancy that the child sleeps so much, how many wants.

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When my child

When my child When my child lies, I.

When my child badly behaves at school, I.

When my child refuses to eat, I.

I had an unlucky day at work, and my child starts arguing with me, I.

When my child fights, I.

If suddenly my child steals something, I.

If my boyfriend scratches the car, I.

When my child comes home very late, I.

If my child started using drugs, I.

If my child writes off at examinations at school, I.

Try to answer honestly these questions untied among themselves.

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Having had heard

Having had heard Sometimes second teeth grow curve or displaced, but over time they are a little leveled.

However, in advance it is hard to say as far as they will improve.

The dentist checking teeth of your child each months can appoint treatment.

How to accustom the child to use a pot Readiness for it depends on age and on individual qualities of the child.

Having had heard plenty of different people, you, perhaps, will consider that to accustom the child to use a pot a hard work.

Actually everything is much more simply.

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Also arrive

Also arrive The same objects can be shown and on the picture in the book.

When you give to the child of a toy, call them correctly: Take a doggie, take the machine.

Also arrive if gather that that to take from the kid from hands, tell, for example, him: Give a ball.

Prespeech development Loudly and accurately says syllables.

Actively and independently repeats the same syllable, for example ma ma or oh oh.

Then still any etc.

Thus, murmurs much, as if stringing syllables one on another.

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